5 Ways For Agents To Better Qualify Leads

5 Ways For Agents To Better Qualify Leads

Before you decide to get a jump on some qualifying leads, you may need to do some homework of your own before investing too much of your time. Qualifying leads change like the wind. A strong lead can change from one moment to the next. Take time to research before deciding if your next lead is a strong one. Here are some tips and suggestions if you’re looking for quality leads.

In This Article:

  1. The Early Bird Gets The Worm
  2. Pick Up The Phone
  3. Meet And Greet
  4. Time Is Money
  5. Plug Into Professional Markets
  6. Potential Clients- Learning the art of qualifying solid leads.
  7. More About Qualifying Those Leads (Quickly)...
  8. Is The Homeseller Committed?
  9. Knowing A Lead's Needs
  10. Wrapping It Up

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

There’s some truth in this old saying. If you are up-and-at-em, you’ll get a jump start before anyone else.

Let’s do some quick math. Say that most real estate agents sleep seven hours a night. If you sleep six hours per night, you’re already ahead by one hour a day. If this isn't possible for you, try to go to bed earlier. Or perhaps, make a note to try to be productive as soon as you are up and ready with some good food in your belly.

If you’re an agent, you already realize that the market is competitive. Getting an early start and being productive as soon as you can only help.

early bird gets the worm

Pick Up The Phone

Designate time blocks every day to make phone calls to prospects and/or clients. Don’t leave messages. Keep trying until you’ve reached the person over the phone. Persistence is always key. 

Meet And Greet

Set a goal to meet your lead sources, aka potential clients, face-to-face each week. Pick a number that works for you and that you know is manageable.

Meeting prospective clients gives you the chance to weed out the weak leads and run with the strong ones. Your time is valuable as well, try not to waste it. This brings me to my next point. 

Time Is Money

time is money

As an agent, you understand how valuable your time is. Arranging coffee or lunch meetings can be a challenge if not planned efficiently. Try to arrange meetings with potential clients on the same day, at the same restaurant.

You can also try to eat at the same restaurant so the hostess and the waitstaff can get to know you. This will show prospective clients that you have a sense of community. Meeting with new prospects will also give you time to speculate on the stronger leads.

Plug Into Professional Markets

Plugging into professional markets will help determine who the more serious leads are. Research who leads these markets in your area and arrange a meeting with them.

There will be times when a client may need a qualified attorney, insurance agent, or banker. If you have a relationship with these professionals, the potential client will feel secure knowing they are in good hands. Being on the ball can lead to better leads, and better leads mean more sales. Be aware that this is also great networking. Business networking always leads to better leads.

Potential Clients- Learning the art of qualifying solid leads.

5 questions to ask:

1.The first question you should ask is if they have already spoken with a loan officer. This gives you a heads up as to whether the potential client understands the home-buying process and how quick they are to make a decision.

2.Inquire how they found you. This question will reveal how long the individual has been pursuing agents and just how serious they are. If the reveal shows the lead found you via online research or a recommendation, this is one clue that reveals they are serious about doing business with you.

3.Ask your lead if they've purchased a home in the past. The purpose of this question isn’t to disqualify new home buyers; it gives you information into a lead’s experience level, intentions, and what they need. The answer you receive will indicate how much help they’ll need from you during the home-buying process.

4.Determine your potential leads motivation and financial situation. Examples of questions that should be asked include: Why do they want to move? Are they passionate about finding a new home? If you can calculate the potential client's motivation factors, you’ll be able to see how serious they are about buying or selling their home. Once you understand their motivation, you’ll be able to have more discernment regarding their financial status. It’s important to note that if your lead doesn't seem too particularly in your expertise, then chances are they probably aren't interested in using your services.

5.Online Leads. Most agents are apprehensive regarding online leads. Don’t sweat it! An online contact form on your website will let you know how serious the potential clients are without having to waste your time and money on those who aren't ready to leap. Why should you use a form? A form is more efficient than listing your email address. Using a form allows more structure and inquiry about more information. Tip: keep it simple and don't overcomplicate with too many questions. Too many questions will backfire as your potential lead may feel overwhelmed and decide to run.

More About Qualifying Those Leads (Quickly)...

Qualifying your leads effectively and efficiently is vital! You don’t need to waste time when it comes to qualifying leads. Practicing these tips will place you at the forefront of other real estate agents trying to stay in the game with their competitive edge.

A Home Seller’s Motivation Level can save you time, money, and headaches. There’s no need to spin your wheels. Before investing your time in a home visit, a quick phone call can reveal what you need to know. Here’s one question that can reveal all you need to know and quickly. How quickly do you want to move? The answer you receive will determine they want to move right away; or how soon they wish to move.

A Home Seller’s Qualifications is important as it can save you time and headaches. This is going to take some research on your part. Does the property in question qualify? Are there liens or title defects that will stand in the way of a smooth closing? Don’t forget to research the homeowners.

Things to look for include:
1. Is the name on the title the same as the lead name?
2.Is the property in a spouse’s name, a family trust, or a corporation? Just a few minutes of homework can save you from potential headaches. Qualifying real estate leads can help prevent you from going down a long road that leads to nowhere.

Is The Homeseller Committed?

how commited is the seller

This is critical if you want a good qualifying lead without having to waste your precious time. Find out what your potential client is all about ahead of time. Is your client willing to work with YOU, or do they want to do their own legwork to save money? Perhaps your new potential isn’t wanting the best professional for the job. Maybe these frugal real estate thrift hunters are on the search for agents whose fees are the lowest in the area.

Qualifying real estate leads with the right questions can unlock startling details. The ball is always in your court; you can determine if your leads are good quality leads by arranging them into categories of “Hot,” “Warm,” or “Cold.” Categorizing your leads can help you decide which leads to work now, which ones to place on hold for now, and which leads to throwing to the curb. Categorizing your leads can also help with time efficiency when you are trying to juggle multiple clients and put your efforts into those who are the most likely to use your services.

Knowing A Leads' Needs

Once you have concluded that the interested client is motivated to buy and not working with someone else, the next step is figuring out what they need.

These questions will help you narrow things down:

  • What type of home are they searching for?
  • What size home do they want?
  • What’s in their price range?
  • What area are they interested in?

Now, here’s the big question you need to ask the potential home buyer: “If I could find a home in the area that you want, are you prepared to make the purchase now?” If the answer you receive is a positive one, it’s time to start moving and help them find their home.

The most important factor in sales is qualifying. You must know how to. It differentiates the non-motivated buyers and sellers from the motivated ones who want to act now.

The best real estate agents know how to do this quickly and effectively. These top-producing agents have a method and series of questions that weed out those who aren't motivated to buy.

You will not have time to waste on non-interested parties. Invest in your time wisely by asking the right questions.

Wrapping It Up

Following these important tips will save you time and headaches in the long run. Every real estate professional who has been in the field knows the value of acquiring quality leads. Knowing these tips is crucial in the development of your expertise.

By knowing these vital tips, you can land more clients and make the money you’ve wanted...as a qualified real estate agent who generates quality leads.

Qualified leads will produce results...every time without wasting your valuable time. Don’t waste another minute on leads that don't produce results.