The Real Estate Facebook Marketing Guide

Facebook Marketing
  • Real estate professionals across the globe use Facebook Marketing.
  • That's not surprising considering Google and Facebook own 60% of all global ad spend, according to
  • Using Facebook can generate plenty of real estate leads.
  • Read the article below to learn more about using Facebook when marketing.  

Why Real Estate Facebook Marketing Is Important

Having an online presence is extremely important in ANY industry.

However, if you are in a sales-related industry such as real estate, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that your online presence is strong.

When people are looking to buy or sell a home; they aren’t just asking for referrals from their loved ones.

They are also checking online by going to search engines and social media.

One important place to have an online presence is Facebook as it is arguably the most popular social media platform around. 

With over 2 billion active Facebook users, it’s not just about creating a Facebook page and occasionally posting an article or for sale updates; it's about creating a real presence.

You need to make sure that you are marketing to the right people at the right time, Facebook is a great place to make new business and client connections. 

However, marketing on Facebook and Instagram can be time-consuming. On average, real estate agents spend 50 minutes daily on Facebook and Instagram combined.

Here’s a secret that most real estate professionals are unaware of that saves them time AND money:

An advertising tool called Facebook Dynamic Ads can cut real estate agents' time on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Dynamic Ads can reach customers or potential customers at any point in the sales funnel.

Facebook Dynamic ads are a great way to generate new leads. Additionally, there are other ways to establish your online presence as a real estate professional on Facebook. Let's look at some of the top ones. 

7 Other Ways To strengthen Your Real Estate Facebook Online Presence

Here are secrets that most real estate professionals are unaware of:

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1. What Are Dynamic Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Ads are built for salespeople like you in mind.

Facebook Dynamic Ads are a type of ad that offers a way for you to automatically promote all of your listings to people who have already been on your Facebook page.

With Facebook Dynamic ads, Facebook will find the people that have looked at similar listings on your site and will share the relevant ads with these people.

Facebook will also provide the most appealing information about the property to the potential customer!

It’s very beneficial to have a type of advertising through Facebook that locates people who are actively looking and that you know are interested.

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This type of advertising literally takes people that are interested in one or more of your listings and throws more options their way!

It will put your agency in the lead over other real estate professionals because Facebook is providing potential or previous clients with possible homes before they even choose your agency (or when they already have and are thinking of buying again).

Additionally, this advertising technique is better than geographic targeting for real estate professionals especially because many people who are choosing a home are looking at a different location or multiple different locations from the area that they are currently residing.

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2. Give Them Something to Talk About in Your Ads

Not only can you post your listings and share them in ads, but you can also post exciting content, blog posts, infographics, commercials, etc.

You need to create content that puts you above other real estate professionals.

It’s crucial to perform better than your competitors; otherwise what is stopping a potential client from going to them instead?

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Great content to share in your ads: 

Infographics that can assist customers in the homebuying process

Startling facts about home buying/selling

Informative blog posts about the real estate industry

Testimonials from previous or current clients

Informative blog posts about the home buying/selling process

Inspirational and educational videos

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational photos, have quotes on them, have beautiful real estate, animals, or a combination of the options.

Posts and updates about your local area

Seasonal/holiday posts

3. Connect with Your Community

Using your agency’s Facebook page to provide value to your surrounding community is also essential.

If you share community events, updates as well as other fun tidbits you will not only draw more attention but by sharing all of the great things about the community more people will want to live there.

Another idea: Your agency can sponsor a local event, which will get your business name on t-shirts and other gear that will be worn throughout the area. Plus, by sponsoring an event you will be viewed as a team player for the area you sell for.

Bonus Idea: You can also share great local photos of the area.

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4. Always Communicate Back to Anyone Who Connects with You

Whether it be through a positive comment or negative message, it is always crucial to respond to any sort of Facebook communication.

If, when, and how you respond might be the deal breaker to accessing a new client.

Make sure to respond promptly and make sure to answer all of their questions and concerns.

Additionally, never delete negative feedback. To start, people trust companies that have some bad feedback because no business is perfect.

It’s all about how you handle the bad feedback.

Being able to communicate with the upset client by responding to their feedback and trying to make the situation better is the best way to handle this type of situation.

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5. Always Have the Most Professional Image

They say this in any industry, but it's super important to maintain a well-polished image of yourself on Facebook. Even your page needs to be positive.

Just because you have your personal page restricted to only friends doesn’t mean the friends that you do have can’t pass your reputation on to potential clients that they may know.

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Scheduling Management

Posting at the most optimal time is hard to do manually.

However, some great scheduling tools allow you to schedule posts ahead of time.

My favorite social media scheduler, Hootsuite, allows you to schedule your social media posts. 

They also have paid options for businesses that need to schedule more posts and want more features.

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6. Want Other People to Share Your Listings? Add Social Sharing

Chances are, when someone finds a property that they are interested in purchasing (or their property just went on the market), they will want to share the news with their friends for recognition, feedback, and support. Adding a simple social sharing button to your listings will allow your clients to share any listing on their social media channels.

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  7. Watch Your Competitors

A great way to come up with new ideas is to watch your competitors and do one step better than what they are doing.

If you see your competitor posting blog posts on their blog page, you also need to write similar blog posts (but longer).

If you see a competitor offering free downloadable homebuyer’s guides, you need to provide one as well, plus provide homebuying tools through your website such as a mortgage calculator.

I think you see where I’m going here. Do what they do, but even better.

You can also spread the word about your free downloadable content and tools as well as informative blog posts on your Facebook page.

They can even be advertised through your Real Estate Facebook page to draw people in.

Everyone likes free stuff, and if you have more to offer than your competitor, you will pull ahead of them in the rat race.

Sounds like a lot of work, but when you think about how much competition is out there, you will realize that you will need to do the work to get the client.

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To Sum It All Up

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Follow these easy steps to gain more business for your real estate business.

The most important thing to remember is that there is a lot of competition in the real estate market, and you will need to put yourself out there and make the extra effort if you want to be a successful real estate professional.