LinkedIn's Dynamic Ads Boost Real Estate Leads

Boost Real Estate Leads
  • Business professionals are taking advantage of LinkedIn's Dynamic Ads.  
  • It is important to understand how to use LinkedIn's Campaign Manager tool. 
  • The article below provides useful information for any business professional about LinkedIn's Dynamic Ads. 

In This Article:
  • Everything That Real Estate Agents Need to Know About LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads in Campaign Manager
  • Why A Real Estate Agent Should Use LinkedIn For Their Advertising Needs
  • How Real Estate Agents Should Use LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads
  • Types of Dynamic Ads
  • How to Set-Up Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn
  • Sum It All Up

Everything That Real Estate Agents Need to Know About LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is a major player in the social networking world. With over 800 million users, LinkedIn is the largest social networking site for business professionals to connect with one-another.

LinkedIn's Campaign Manager tool is the one-stop-shop for any business professional’s advertising needs.

Why A Real Estate Agent Should Use LinkedIn For Their Advertising Needs

This statistic has some shock value:

According to a study conducted by HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more successful in lead generation than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn has become the best social networking website for real estate professionals to generate new leads. It’s safe to say that any real estate professional should be advertising on LinkedIn.

Linkedin Shock Value

Additionally, a large part of being a real estate professional is networking. With LinkedIn being a social networking platform for business professionals to connect with one another, it’s the perfect place for real estate professionals to network with not just potential leads but other professionals to access new business connections.

An Example of How This Works:

Jessica, a Minneapolis real estate agent makes a strong connection with a real estate agent from Austin, Texas named Floyd. Floyd has a client looking to move into the Minnesota metropolitan area. Floyd thinks of Jessica and connects his client with her.

Not only can you gain new leads by connecting with other real estate professionals on LinkedIn, you also have the chance to swap ideas and support one another through difficult career stages.

Bonus Tip: It is very beneficial to connect with real estate groups on LinkedIn.

Here are some good ones:

Pete Asmus' Real Estate Networking Group (Investor Strategies)
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Professionals Group
Inman Smart About Real Estate
Linkedin Bonus Tip

How Real Estate Agents Should Use LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads

LinkedIn has added the last piece to its integration puzzle. It has just announced a big chance to its social networking site to help business professionals in their advertising efforts. Their ad tool, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, is available directly in Campaign Manager. This tool is great for any real estate professional.

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Here’s why:

With this tool, professionals can set up ads themselves with very little (if any) stress.

Additionally, LinkedIn users can now keep track of how successful their Dynamic Ads are in Campaign Manager as well as leverage A/B testing. Linkedin Campaign Manager

This type of advertising is far more successful than the typical display advertising because LinkedIn automatically personalizes each ad based on the individual to whom it is being sent. LinkedIn goes as far as to say that its Dynamic ads have up to twice the success rate compared to display ads.

How Does This Work?

Dynamic ads allow companies on LinkedIn to find business professionals that they need. LinkedIn does this through in-depth ad customization; they pull in publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles such as name, their photo, job title, and more. These Dynamic Ads will populate their information for you, so the work is almost nonexistent.

You can use these ads for a number of reasons, such as brand awareness. Additionally, you can see how your ads are doing directly in the Campaign Manager.

Since the information is personalized with each person’s public information that is pulled from their profile, these ads can gain attention in a way that regular display ads cannot.

And not only are Dynamic Ads efficient, but they are also really easy to set up. There are three types of Dynamic Ads so that advertisers can use them for multiple objectives.

Linkedin know

Types of Dynamic Ads

There are a few types of LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. These ads are called Spotlight ads, Follower ads, and Content ads.

Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads give advertisers a chance to share their service, event, product, etc. with selected LinkedIn members. When these members choose to click on your ad, the ad will bring them to your website or landing page.

Follower Ads

Follower Ads are designed exactly for what they're named after to gain engaged followers. You can use Follower Ads to promote your page or company in a way that will help you have more followers.

Content Ads

Also designed exactly what they are named for, the goal of content ads is to generate leads with the content that you already created.

Note: This type of Dynamic Ad is only available for managed accounts.

How to Set-Up Dynamic Ads on LinkedIn

It’s pretty simple to set up. 

To create a Dynamic Ads campaign:
Start by signing into the Campaign Manager.
Next, select the account name and campaign group name for which you would like to create a campaign.
Finally, press create campaign and then select Dynamic Ads.
You will then go through a few steps and choose some campaign basics such as name, language, the ad format, images, etc. After going through these steps, you will see an ad preview. Follower Ads and Job Ads will provide multiple formats, which means multiple previews.
Once that is finished, and you move on to the next step (the audience page), you will select your target audience. You will have a few options here, such as applying matched audiences.
Then LinkedIn will have you go through a few more specifics such as ad budget and start date.
Once these steps are complete, all you have to do is click “launch Campaign.” 


To Sum It All Up

The world of advertising has always been fast-paced. Advertisers and marketers are always looking for tools to make their job more efficient.

Social networking platforms have recognized the need for advertising to simplified. LinkedIn has moved up their advertising game to compete against other top social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook).

It is easy to see how top business professionals use LinkedIn for multiple advertising needs. All you need to do with LinkedIn Dynamic Ads is build your creative, create your ad templates, and LinkedIn will personalize all of the other information for you.