Why You Should Add Digital Marketing to Your Strategy (2021 Updated)

Why You Should Add Digital Marketing to Your Strategy

You’ve decided to become a real estate agent. How exciting! Real Estate can be lucrative but also extremely competitive. If you want to be successful, you need to invest some time (and possibly money) into a professional real estate digital marketing strategy to create new leads. 

Here's Why:

Over 60% of our world's population (roughly 4.72 billion people) use the internet as of April 2021. Source: Digital Around The World 

Clearly, a digital marketing plan would help your real estate career enormously as almost everything has gone to digital. This guide will help you through creating your digital marketing strategy as well as a full digital marketing plan. Let's start by discussing fresh leads. 

Are You Acquiring Fresh Leads?

If you’re struggling to get some new good leads, it’s time to up the ante with some digital marketing. Even if you have a great website, that isn’t going to be enough to generate some leads that will produce sales.

How To Get Fresh Leads Wyty 

The internet is a great resource for generating quality leads. Most potential home buyers are searching for homes online these days. More than half of these buyers are searching using their mobile devices.

The numbers speak for themselves. Here are some staggering numbers that leave impressive results.

99% are millennials searching online for homes.
89% of baby boomers are part of the online home search.
95% of users actively search websites online.
72% of users are using their use mobile websites or apps.
36% of users actively search online video sites.

How To Begin Digital Marketing

Begin with developing an SEO-friendly website.  This is crucial for your real estate digital marketing strategy. 

An aesthetically pleasing website is one thing, but if it isn’t SEO-friendly, you won’t see the traffic results needed to have high Google rankings. Boost your visibility so you can optimize your site.

 This will produce higher rankings in the search engine page results.

DIGITAL MARKETING FACT: Most home buyers are using mobile devices.

Some other tips:

  • You must develop a mobile-friendly site.
  • Create a website that gets results, and you’ll receive a higher response rate.
  • Keyword optimization is another factor that plays a key role in achieving results.
  • Take the time to research low-competition keywords you can use for your site.
  • Using these keywords throughout your web pages with meta tags will produce results.

Creating A Blog 

Creating A Blog Wyty .

Blogging on the regular will increase your online presence.

If you’re not currently blogging, now is the time to start blogging regularly. WordPress makes it easy as you can use their content management. You do not need to be an expert writer to showcase your real estate expertise. If you feel like this isn’t your cup of tea, you can hire someone to do your blogging for you. Nonetheless, you need to blog on the regular if you want to reach potential home buyers. Blogging will help in building trusted new prospects.

What topics you should cover...

Your topics should cover tips for home buying/selling and any concerns and questions for prospective new home buyers when blogging. Take time to research the questions and concerns your prospects have and answer them in your posts.

Remember to include keywords relevant to your blog post titles, subheadings. Keyword-rich articles are important for optimization. Next is promoting your blog posts.

Blog Topics To Cover Wyty

Consistency is everything...

Blogging is great for driving traffic, but it won't do you any good if you do not blog consistently. Try to write or have someone write for you a short blog article every day.

Try to keep your blog article short and under 400 words. Creating eye-catching content is important. This means your blog articles should have a catchy title to draw attention to your target audience, and you should offer a variety of content.

The content should include how-to articles relating to home buying and selling as well as educational articles. Being consistent will earn the trust of your users and hopefully earn new buyers. Having a blog is beneficial because it gives you the chance to convert one-time visitors into repeat users.

Email Newsletters And Social Media Buttons

Email Newsletter Wyty

Next is leveraging your network of subscribers. You always want to give them the option of sharing your newsletters. But first, you’ll need to design a newsletter. Creating a newsletter isn’t complicated. You can easily create a newsletter using Word doc or Google Docs.

The important thing to remember is to give users the option to share your newsletters. Taking these measures will prompt your email subscribers to follow you by taking it one step further and acquiring new email subscribers. There’s no need to add a button in this case; it’s a simple call-to-action.

However; You can always add a button to the text pair the text saying something like this:

“Click here to spread the word about the latest new homes available in this area.”

There’s always room for improving and tweaking when it comes to your website. Everything from the right wording to coloring will increase your chances of attracting hot new leads.

Promo Videos

It would help if you used every angle when attracting your target audience. That being said, not everyone enjoys reading. Some people fall into the category of visual learners.

Creating a promo video will attract these learners quickly as you educate the audience about your services. As a real estate agent, you’ll need to learn every trick in the book to attract new leads.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Use social media platforms to your advantage. Simply creating these pages to get the word out isn’t enough. You’ll need to engage with your followers and other users to build your social media presence.

Which social media platforms should you use? You’ll need to do some research to find out which social media sites your target audience likes. Be sure to post daily and try not to be overly promotional.

Here’s a good tip:
Blog posts should incorporate at least 10% promotions.
30% original content.
60% administrative content.

Never use social media as the main source for your home listings. Think of social media when building relationships with your followers and use it to stay
connected if they have any questions.

Keeping engaged in conversations is the key. Ask potential home buyers what they need help with and answer any questions should they arise. Providing solutions will help keep you in the loop as you continue to build relationships and a following.

Your conversations are visible to everyone. This a great chance for you to build your following as well as increase traffic to your site. Any comments on your site are also seen by not only your followers but theirs as well. This is an ideal way for you to leverage your lead generation.

Getting More Visitors To Sign Up For Your Email List

Email List Wyty

It’s time to reel in more visitors wanting to sign up for your email list. How can you do this? There are free tools you can use, such as MailChimp and Reach Mail.

These tools are not complicated and will allow you to create your own design and schedule your own email campaigns. Your goal is to develop a large enough list to promote your services and offer incentives to your referrals.

You cannot do any of this unless you take measures to increase your mailing list in the first place. One incentive could include offering a free download such as an ebook or a white paper. Whatever you choose for your incentive, it should have enough value to reel in prospective new leads.

An ebook is an excellent incentive, and it doesn't need to be anything lengthy. The issue with an ebook will be if you have the extra time to write one. If you have the time, a simple 35-page book should be enough to use for an incentive. Do your research and choose a hot topic and begin writing. If time is an issue...wait until you have enough blog articles written and use the information in your series of blogs.

Analytics Tools Are The Key

When it’s all said and done, it’s all about the quality of your digital campaigns. The more time you put into them, the better they’ll be. No matter how much time spent on your campaigns or how good they are, they’ll need regular updates and tweaking. With that being said, you’ll need some analytic tools to help determine which campaigns are working and which of them need tweaking.

Google Analytics is a useful tool worth looking at as It assists with lead generation for real estate agents. The beauty of Google Analytics is that it can track nearly everything. Google Analytics can track your email campaigns, website traffic, conversions, social media campaigns, and pay-per-click ads. Remember what’s important: conversion rates over vanity metrics.

Increasing Your Lead Generation

Lead Generation Analytic Tools Wyty

We can all agree that the internet is a great resource for driving traffic, but there are other effective methods by which you can attract fresh leads.

Did you know that you can locate fresh new leads by having access to FSBOs, expired, pre-foreclosure listings, and more?

Please choose how you want to use these services, whether you want to group them or use them one at a time. Other services you may want to look into are Call Capture to build meaningful relationships with sellers and a Power Dialer that will boost results for your outreach campaigns.

Wrapping It Up

Being a real estate agent can be very exciting and fulfilling. If you want to be successful in the real estate industry, you NEED to have a digital marketing plan. Hopefully, our guide has helped you no matter what step you are in on your digital marketing strategy.