How To Find Out Who Lives At Any Residential Address With A Reverse Address Lookup

How To Find Out Who Lives At Any Residential Address With A Reverse Address Lookup

A reverse address lookup or white pages search typically is performed when someone wants to see who owns the house next to them or learn more about the homeowner for any other reason. However, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how to find out who lives at an address.

There are many circumstances in which someone wants to use a reverse address lookup. For example, many of us wonder "who lives on my street" or "I wonder who lives in my childhood home" as we drive by it, reminiscing. A tool that allows a person to lookup any address within the United States is a useful resource to have in anyone's back pocket.  

A little perspective:  I have had an experience with not knowing a neighbor's name, but I've found that a reverse address search can help solve that problem. 

Luckily, I have learned that it is easy to look up an address by performing a simple reverse address search.

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Find Out Who Lives At An Address With A Reverse Address Lookup 

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Even if you aren't the type of person who typically looks up an address, you may find yourself in the future needing to use one. There are many good reasons to perform a reverse address lookup that go beyond the typical reasons to search address owner information. For example, maybe you have an envelope that came in the mail with a return address that doesn't include a name.

Perhaps you want to do a reverse address lookup to see who lives at a mansion to try and buy it (hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming big).  

Regardless of why you want to know who lives at a particular address, the best and easiest way to do so is to perform a reverse address lookup on a people search directory.

People search directories such as Wyty contain billions of homeowner records and other records that range from cell phone numbers to someone's relationship status. You can gain access to these records in minutes with a reverse address lookup, name lookup, or reverse phone number lookup. Their extensive directory and rapid search tool will yield accurate and ample results to find the information you are looking for. 

WyTy's Reverse Address Lookup Search

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There are a plethora of directories online that help discover data on almost any person, phone number, and address. Many of these directories are updated around the clock and offer simple choices to discover who lives at a location with their reverse address lookup tools. 

WyTy's vast directory has billions of records to help find information on almost any residential address. '

WyTy is a top-of-the-line people search company that specializes in reverse address lookups and can help you find the information you need much faster and at a more accurate rate than other directories.

Sure, someone could simply go to Google and type "who lives at ______" to find out information about a property. However, if you ask this question on Google, it will more than likely display results that are people searching websites such as WyTy or information that isn't very helpful. It is VERY rare to find the owner of a home for free when searching on Google. 

You might get lucky and find the information you are looking for after scrolling through Google and digging deeper, but the chances are high that you will be wasting your time. 

Going on a people search website such as Wyty and taking advantage of our $0.95 trial or $4.95 trial (if you haven't already) is an effective way to get accurate information fast and includes 21 searches. 

How Wyty's address search works

  • Perform a search on any address in the U.S.
  • Select what type of report you want
  • View the address lookup report

Wyty's search engine yields billions of results and has several options to choose from to meet your needs as our customer. 

Owner Information Possibly Uncovered By Performing A Reverse Address Lookup Search:

I’m sure you are wondering what information can be found by performing a reverse address lookup. Listed below is all of the information that will be displayed (if available) when you perform a reverse address lookup.


  • AGE

Friendly reminder: Wyty also offers other great tools such as search by phone or search by name. 

Other Ways To Find Information On An Address

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There really aren’t many other ways to find detailed information on a residential address. However, there are a few methods that will give you small details about any specific address that you wish to lookup.

Looking up an address with Google Maps

If you type in an address on Google Maps, it can show the street view of the address. You can see what the house and yard looks like of any address, residential or otherwise. This might be a good option if you want to see, for example, what the house that you grew up in now looks like.

You can look for a wide range of things with Google Maps, such as businesses, streets, and transport stops. If you have an account, you can also log in to see what places you have searched for previously while logged in. However, as far as detailed owner information on a physical address, Google Maps is not typically a recommended search tool. 

Looking up an address with Zillow

Real estate/retail marketplace websites such as Zillow will give a history lesson on the address you look up by providing details on the house, such as when it was last bought, how much the home was purchased for, etc. It will also give current information such as how much it's worth and square footage. Most people use websites like Zillow when looking for a new house or connecting with a real estate agent. However, Zillow is also a great resource when looking for specific details on the sale of a home.

However, Zillow doesn't have information on the specific owner of a household or any previous owners

Looking up an address through the county 

One final method you can try to locate who lives at an address is to search for the county's government website in which the address is located. They will have a database of address information.

This information can include the owner information on an address, but only if they have the information available. 

Almost every county within the United States will have an address search tool. Once you find the county's website, you will need to find the section where you can locate property information and enter the address and city of the property you are looking up. You might find results on the property. You might not. However, this is probably the best option for someone who wants to perform a free lookup if they have the time to see if the county has the owner information that they are searching for. 

Key Takeaway: While these three options provide some information on an address, they don't typically provide detailed information (and sometimes they don't have address information at all). If you want to look up an address to get its owner details, we suggest performing a reverse address lookup. 

Final Thoughts

Think about it this way: it's not a good idea to get advice from a website that isn't professional and reputable. If you want to learn information on a residential area, why spend hours searching for websites that more than likely aren't offering the most accurate address information? Going to a website specializing in people search, such as Wyty is the best way to quickly find accurate information on an address by using a reverse address lookup.