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What Is Wyty? is the Internet's next generation phone directory engine. We accoplish this by aggregating thousand of opted in records into one easy-to-use interface and managing the information with cutting-edge privacy technology, Wyty puts you in control and makes it fast, easy, and safe to find people on the internet.

How It Works is one of the only free cell phone directories on the market. We are a unique directory that enables you to opt-in/out to our directory. This gives you the ability to manage your listing and us the ability to offer users the ability to find your name or number.

What’s The Catch?
Ok so now you know it’s free what’s the catch? Our site runs with a similar business plan as Craigslist. We are not making any profit on you and don’t solicit information from you. There is no catch so feel free to run a search.

Free Search Options
Our 2 most popular free search options are search by name and reverse phone lookup. Search by name for free basically allows you to search for people by first name, last name city and state. The more information you add will aid in narrowing the search results. Reverse phone lookup allows you to search for landline and cell phone numbers to locate a phone number owner’s name. Both searches will yield results in the event we locate a match.