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How to Reject Telemarketing Calls On a Cell Phone

Getting a phone call on your cell phone from a telemarketer is more than an inconvenience- it is downright annoying. Many telemarketing companies call and attempt to keep the person on the line by using a list of answers for commonly heard excuses that most people give when trying to say no to buying the product being sold or to just get off the phone. Many people are harassed daily by large quantities of telemarketing calls. Being frequently interrupted when you are trying to relax or spend time with your family is uncalled for and should not be tolerated. Most cell phones out now have many features that allow you to control who is allowed to contact you.

Adding a Number to the Reject Calls List
One of the greatest features on newer cell phones is the reject call list. Putting a number on this list will prevent that list from ever being able to call you and harass you again. Not every cell phone has this feature, so if you are not sure if the phone you have or one you are looking to buy has this feature, make sure that you ask your service provider about the reject call list feature.

Putting a number on the list is a fairly simple process. When the telemarketer number pops up on your caller ID you will need to press the “options” button. This will bring up an options menu. Scan through the menu until you find the option that says “reject call.” Select the option and then wait for the reject call list to come up on the screen. Save the number and hit “OK.” Now this number will never be able to call you on your cell phone again.

Blocking All Non-Contact Calls
Another option you have available to help you get rid of annoying telemarketers is to set your phone so that it will not allow any calls from anyone who is not on your contact list. This will keep all numbers that you do not have programed into your phone from being able to reach you through your cell phone.

You will need to locate the “Tools” or “Settings” on your cell phone and bring up the menu. Locate the “Call Settings” on your phone and press “OK” or “Enter.” Every cell phone is different, but you should still be able to find similar buttons and menus for these options. Once you have gotten into the “Call Settings” menu you can select “Call Restrictions.” This will give you several different options for restricting you can contact you. You want to select the option that will allow you to block all numbers that are not saved into your contact list. Unless you have the telemarketer’s number listed in your contacts, you should not receive any further contact from that company or the individuals who work there.

Keep in mind this also means that if you need to hear from a job or something of that nature, they will not be able to contact you with this option enabled unless you save them as a contact.