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Free Reverse Phone Lookup For Cell Phones

A free reverse phone lookup for cell phones can help in finding the name and address that are associated with the cell phone number. Online cell phone directories can help in doing a reverse cell phone number search.

A free reverse phone lookup for cell phones can be done by using search engines and online reverse cell phone directories. Cell phone numbers are generally private, but if the number is known, then the information around the number is fairly easy to track down. To do this one would enter in the cell phone number in order to get the name and address of the person that the number belongs to.

The Purpose
There are many reasons why one would need to do a free reverse phone lookup for cell phones. One reason might be to track down a prank caller, or someone unknown who expresses a threat over the phone. It is also helpful in cases where one might find a forgotten number in a purse, but there is no name attached to the number, or, to find out whether or not the number is still active.

Search Engines
To use the search engines in order to find an unknown cell phone number, all one needs to do is enter the number into the search bar, and the search engine will return relevant results if the number exists, or if it has been made public. The search engines can also be used to find free reverse cell phone directories that will help in finding the information associated with the number.

Reverse Cell Phone Directories
Reverse cell phone directories are one of the best tools to use for free reverse phone lookup for cell phones. In order to get the best results, it is important to find a directory for the particular country wherein the owner of the number resides. The directories are very easy to use, as all one has to do is enter in the cell phone number in the area where it says “reverse cell phone lookup”, and the directory will return the results if the number is in existence, and the information is available. In some cases the directory will return the result of the state and city wherein the number is registered, but will withhold the name and exact address until a small payment is made.

Tracing a Call

In many cases a prank caller will block their number when they make the call, which then requires that one do a call trace before one can do a reverse number lookup. It will also be necessary if one does not subscribe to a caller id service. Some networks are generous and will provide call tracing as a free service, but others will charge a fee. One can contact the phone service provider in order to find out whether the service is free, or how much it costs to trace a call.

In order to trace the unknown number, it is important to trace it immediately after hanging up on them before another number calls, as dialing *57 will only trace the last call that has come in on the cell phone. The cell phone provider will then record the last number that has called and make it available. In some cases however, this number might not be made available until certain documents are signed to allow the number to be released. Once the number is released, then one can do the reverse phone lookup to gather more information around the number.